Saturday, July 12, 2014

Higher cancer incidences found in regions near refineries and plantsthat release benzene

Higher cancer incidences found in regions near refineries and plants that release benzene

The most costly damage corporations might inflict are not just upon the environment, these inflict blows upon earth's dwellers, both humans and animals. And sadly these harms are unavoidable, especially of those with limited incomes, unable to move far away from US neighborhoods close to chemical industries. In areas like Savannah, Georgia where an often utilized chemical Benzene is produced.
Researchers recently had uncovered an troubling percentage felt in same like industrial locations. An increased number of residents are becoming blood cancer recipients. Those conditions with the health care tolls would likely challenge the provisions of Obamacare or any insurance arrangement. There are more details. You may read the article link above. A business might produce a beneficial product, but should it be at a steep expense to our environment and lives that high profits are unable to remedy? 

"We have finer coffee houses than those in the United States, and more Wi-Fi connections. Yet he did not even consider our country for asylum, but instead chosen Russia! He will regret that decision in the wintertime I assure you!"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

To Live Quietly and Work for What Is Good

My expression of gratitude for all who visited here to read the blog articles and view the cartoons, thank you also for sharing your comments. The desire to live quietly and focus on vital activities is greater than my wish to continue blogging here. I realized my statements numerous times beforehand of quitting the blog business. My deep consciousness prompts me, helping me make my yes a definite yes and no a real no.
Sometime in the near future, this and my other blogger sites would close down. Therefore whatever articles, cartoons, photos, videos would be gone. I appreciated gaining some experience in writing and cartooning and offering commentary on current news and social issues. Yet I sense in obligation, it is time to move on-beyond what is in the news and media, for what is lastingly beneficial for others and for myself, thank you again for your support. May you gain the best that life could offer.

Do You Know What This Does To You?

Attention Deodorant Users: New Studies Link Aluminum To Breast Cancer 

The actual truths about the use of aluminum are not fully known by me. Therefore I can not personally confirm how harmful is aluminum used in products, somehow incorporated in food stuffs, beverages to humans. There are reasons for valid concerns and further inquiry.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life deep down: A new beautiful translucent snail from the deepest cave in Croatia

Life deep down: A new beautiful translucent snail from the deepest cave in Croatia

What smooths and slitter slides about on uneven, grainy surfaces in cone shell living inside a cold, dark cave far deep under the earth's surface in Croatia? During a recent expedition within the Lukina Jama-Trojama, in a network of caves, a remarkable, tiny creature was discovered. It is the Zospeum Tholussum, it is a translucent snail with a cone shell with the appearance of clear, thin acrylic plastic-absolutely fascinating! May you be fortunate enough to view a photo or video of it.

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